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How to find your ideal Barcelona rental apartment

Planning to book a rental apartment for a city break in Barcelona? There's a lot to think about. Read our top tips to make sure you find the flat that's right for you.

Barcelona in autumn – advice, accommodation and activities

Autumn is arguably the best time of year to visit Barcelona, whether you want a weekend break or a long stay in the Catalonian capital. We reveal everything you need to know about the city at this time of year, including accommodation, events and weather to ensure you have the perfect holiday.

Barcelona in spring – advice, accommodation and activities

Barcelona in spring provides the perfect blend of sun, sea, sand and must- see events. Find out how the city comes into full bloom, with excellent dining, culture, weather and shopping.

7 unique hostels in Barcelona

Are you still looking for an accommodation for your stay in Barcelona ? Besides a hotel or apartment you can also choose to stay in a hostel. We have summed up 7 unique hostels in Barcelona for you, so that you are sure to find one that will suit your needs and wishes.